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pie for breakfast
September 26th, 2013
01:48 pm


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an analogy

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Date:September 26th, 2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
so gender is unlike height in a few ways.

one is that it's founded much more on self-identification. there's no category of measurable (or even non-gender-referencing introspective) qualities that are judged to determine gender identity. (in game terms, maybe it used to be that only really short people could play as druids, but there's been a big push to relax that rule, and that's all for the good.) this is really the big thing - that gender, as understood in most of these conversations, is determined by an expressed desire to be identified with a particular gender, perhaps in combination with the observance of a more-or-less arbitrary constellation of rituals that have been decreed to associate with a particular gender. (if you're playing a druid you have to wear green.)

another is that the gender categories are much more gerrymandered than simple height. like, suppose we focused on the division of people between ‘over 164cm’ and ‘under 164cm’. yes, those are pretty much objective categories, but there's an arbitrary (‘game’) aspect in focusing on that decision. only gender categories are often much weirder than that - they're often more like ‘having a height that, when rounded down to the nearest inch, is either a prime number of inches or a multiple of 8 inches’. so again, the underlying facts of height might be real, but the prioritization of certain really weird discontinuous height categories is largely made up.

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