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having done some minimal research, i've decided i was right in my initial impression that Proposition 14 (the blanket primary amendment) is a really, really bad idea. so any registered CA voters out there need to remember to vote against it on 8 June. this is opposed by all six recognized political parties in California, and also by a wide variety of prominent electoral reform advocates. if enacted, it will increase the system's vulnerability to unpredictable spoiler effects, totally screw various adorable minor political parties, lead to numerous single-party general elections. its supporters are a handful of prominent state politicians and a few business interest PACs, who have been promoting it with various lies about open-ness and participation. don't fall for it.

seriously, this is a pretty awful idea. if you want to shake up the electoral system, hold out for approval voting or STV or something - this is a step in the wrong direction.

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    why are there so many terrible people everywhere advocating for such transparently reprehensible things?

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