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a couple of months back, on facebook, kid_prufrock wrote: ‘The last two shows I've been watching are Breaking Bad and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I think I like both best when I watch an episode of the latter right after one of the former, as a chaser.’

i now understand the deep wisdom of this approach.

[minor theme and premise spoilers follow]

think about it: Breaking Bad has an anti-episodic structure to the point where pretty much every episode ends with a cliffhangerish lack of closure, the driving force of the whole thing is Walter's various masculinity-associated complexes (especially his masculine provider complex), and nobody ever seems to learn their lesson.

now compare MLP:FisM: although there are some recurring themes and ongoing plots, almost every episode forms a satisfying and reasonably complete narrative (or, at most, is part of a two-parter), there is not much of a problem with gratuitous masculinity, and many (most?) episodes end with an explicit statement of what lesson was learned.

that is, a ~20-minute episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is a concentrated dose of exactly the things one needs to balance out the effects of Breaking Bad consumption. i don't know that they could have done a better job if they'd designed the show from the ground up for this purpose.

two other thoughts:

- i am very, very happy to finally have the perfect post for this userpic.

- if it comes up, the Applejack is clearly the pony to cast in the Walter White role.
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